Brenda L. Thomas

Laying Down My Burdens

Essence best-selling author Brenda L. Thomas presents a departure from fiction as she ventures into the difficult reality of her own past. Laying Down My Burdens is a gritty and deeply moving depiction of the author's struggle with domestic violence and its threats to her self-esteem. Laying Down My Burdens tells a frighteningly familiar tale that takes a positive turn as Thomas overcomes a number of obstacles to become an independent, successful woman.

LAYING DOWN MY BURDENS is the memoir, turned movie, of my surviving the impossible, in a struggle to not only save my children, but to grab hold of the passion necessary to live out my dreams, no matter how deep they'd been buried.

The purpose for this film is to create awareness, through building a grassroots audience, while offering you the opportunity to be involved in this unforgettable project. As has been typical of other films of this nature, we will not sugarcoat it, but bring it to you as it truly existed in my life, and those of others.

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